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What Can I expect With My Visit for a USCIS Medical Exam?

We will greet and become acquainted with you upon entering our clinic, asking first for a form of personal identification. We request an I.D. with a photo that will be photocopied for your file and returned to you. Such I.D. can take many forms. You may offer us a U. S. state driver’s license, an International driver’s license, a Visa, Passport, corporate identification card, school, college or University I.D., or similar legitimate identification. This identification is required for the latest USCIS form.

Many children do not have identification except for a school I.D. or a foreign nation’s Visa. Such identifiers for children will be sufficient for our use.

What About the USCIS exam for Children Up To Age 14?

If medical records are available through elementary schools attended in a foreign land, please bring them. Blood tests are not necessary for children up to age 14.

What About The Paperwork?

U.S.C.I.S. paperwork begins with the I-693 Form. This form has changed significantly over the years. You may download the most recent I-693 USCIS Form at the United States Bureau of Citizenship Immigration Services at There is also very useful information at this site. If you wish, you may download the form after filling it in with your personal information and then print it off to bring with you upon your arrival at our clinic. However, we also have copies of the I-693 USCIS physical exam form in our office and we offer the convenience of providing it for you during your visit.

Because the content requirements (or portions of the same multi-page form) may change all or in part, it is important upon completing your medical examination, to submit this USCIS documentation immediately. While we guarantee our work, we cannot guarantee acceptance of your paperwork with the government should you fail to submit the I-693 forms in a timely fashion.

Should you fail to submit your USCIS physical exam information quickly and do find that your paperwork was rejected because of form changes, you may return to our office. Here, we will help you re-submit the new USCIS forms with your personal data. There is no charge for this, unless new laboratory results are required.

Initial USCIS paperwork will consume 10-12 minutes of your time. Then . . . we do the hard part for you. The USCIS physical examination will last about 30 minutes. We typically will schedule you on the hour and you can expect to be here at our clinic about 45 minutes. Blood and urine specimens will be taken during the USCIS examination, if age appropriate (15 years of age or older). A TB test will be given. As of January 2010, TB tests may be either intra-dermal or blood variety.

The intra-dermal test for TB requires us to inject a small amount of medicine between the skin layers and identify any reaction within 2-3 days later.

Because obtaining vaccinations prior to reading the TB test may cause an erroneous reaction, we will send you for any required shots AFTER the test is read.  Also, if you’ve gotten the vaccinations prior to the TB test, we will have to wait 30 days prior to giving you the TB test. Naturally, we do not want you to endure 30 days before your examination and documentation is complete.

The TB blood test has now been accepted by U.S.C.I.S. The blood test is more accurate in identifying TB in our patients, but is more expensive. We do not offer the test at our site but we can refer you to a testing site to carry out this method if you wish.

External Resources:

These are external advisory services not related to our Topeka location and are independently administered.

Kansas Voluntary Law Agencies

Dodge City
United Methodist Care Center
708 Avenue H
Dodge City, Kansas 67801-5126
(316) 225-0625

Garden City
Catholic Agency for Migration & Refugee Services
1510 Taylor Plaza East
Garden City, Kansas 67846-4055
(316) 276-7610
F: (316) 276-9228

El Centro of Topeka
134 N. E. Lake Street
Topeka, Kansas 66616-1118
(785) 232-8207
F: (785) 232-8834

United Methodist Western Kansas Mexican-American Ministries
224 North Taylor, Box 766
Garden City, Kansas 67846-5130
(316) 275-1766
F: (316) 275-4729

USCIS National Office

USCIS Headquarters
425 Eye Street, N. W.
Washington, D. C. 20536-2542

USCIS National and Regional Offices

Central Operations Regional Office
7701 North Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, Texas 75247-4232
6:30 am – 1:30 pm M-T-Th & F
Wednesday by appointment only
(214) 767-7011
F: (214) 767-7491

Central Regional District Office
Kansas City District Office
9747 North Conant Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64153-1833
7:30 am – 2:30 pm M-Th
Closed Friday
(816) 891-0684

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