Immunization Requirements for the USCIS Physical Exam

We ask each immigration patient looking to complete their immunization shots, to bring our office to bring any existing documentation on their medical history. It is better to bring more than you need rather than not enough. If you have a patient history from your home country physician, from the military in your country, or have traveled and can present medical paperwork upon your visit with us, this may save you immunization shots you might not need to fulfill your immunization requirements.

Here is a list of the immunization  shots:

  • Tdap immunization shots: Age seven (7) and up; DPT under six (6) years.
  • MMR immunization shots: Age one (1) and up.
  • Varicella immunization shots: Immunizations for Chickenpox disease are required if you have not previously experienced the disease.
  • Hepatitis B immunization shots: Age zero (0) to seventeen (17) years required; recommended for adults (a series of three (3) shots.)
  • Polio immunization shots: children two (2) months to seventeen (17) years.
  • Influenza vaccine: All ages must have the current year’s vaccine for immigration from October to March.
  • Meningococcal immunization shots: Eleven (11) to eighteen (18) years.

Our office does not  administer immunization shots that you may need for your immunization requirements to complete the USCIS exam. We recommend that you obtain your immunization shots at your county health department. Dr. Ann investigated purchasing vaccines for use in the office but her experience showed that the county health departments can offer the shots/ vaccines for a much lower cost than she was able to manage. The health departments obtains government assistance for their vaccine program and she decided that it would be best for her patients to take advantage of that benefit. In addition, the health department nurses administer lots of immunization shots so they are usually extremely good at it!

We have often been asked, “What if I don’t have any personal medical history to provide? I only have this available back in Germany, Venezuela, Lithuania, Zambia or Japan and don’t have access to it quickly. Is there any danger in repeating immunization shots I know I’ve previously had a short time ago?”  There is no danger in repeating  immunization shots,  you simply will build greater immunity to the disorder we are required to prevent!

Essentially, with our visit, you are now building a new medical history in the United States. Our “Privacy Act” paperwork is important to keep with your immigration documents. It gives you detailed information as to how to obtain your medical history from us, your rights as a new citizen in the United States regarding your personal medical history, and responsibilities we have in making certain your patient history with us is safeguarded and kept confidential.

Once you  have received the appropriate  immunization shots, you may begin your new life here with an established medical history. American Medical Exams, P. A. recommends that you locate a family practice physician with whom you feel comfortable in your area. In this way, you can keep current on immunization shots and vaccinations as you age and as they require renewal.

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