How Much Does a USCIS Medical Exam With AME Cost?


A Note From Dr Ann…

I know that going through the process of becoming a citizen is time consuming and expensive. I try to keep my fees reasonable but I’m sure you realize that I have to pay my bills like everyone else. My charges for the USCIS Exam reflect the time I spend to give your application my personal attention. If you happen to find a less expensive Civil Surgeon, be sure to ask them exactly what is included in the exam charge. Many times a lower fee can indicate that you will have additional fees added on as you complete the process. (In my own case, my fees do not include a chest xray or vaccines.)

A lower fee might also indicate inexperience with the USCIS process. I have years of experience. My staff is up-to-date on changes in the paperwork and requirements so we help you avoid having the paperwork returned. If I make a mistake (I wish that didn’t happen, but I’m only human) I will update your USCIS forms for no extra charge. I even update USCIS forms (for free) that are returned when you make a mistake, such as forgetting to send the paperwork in on time. (However, I do charge a small fee if I have to repeat a blood test or tb test because I get charged for these things myself.)

I am always available if you have any questions.

Dr. Ann Socolofsky MD

Information about our fees for the USCIS physical exams:

We charge children, years fourteen (14) and under: $100.00. This includes the TB intra-dermal test (TB blood test is $80.00 extra).

Adults, whose age U.S.C.I.S. defines as fifteen (15) years or over, require a blood test for Syphilis and an intra-dermal TB test as part of the full examination. The total cost is $200.00.

Should you wish us to give you the TB blood test instead of the skin test, there is a $80.00 charge. If you choose the tuberculosis blood test, the total fee will be $280.00.


We accept all domestic United States credit cards, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Debit Cards. Additionally, we do accept personal checks. Because our clients take their responsibilities seriously, we have never had a returned check. Should this ever occur in the future, a $30.00 fee is charged to the patient account. Money orders are also accepted to pay for our services.

In all cases, you will be accorded both a handwritten receipt from our office and an electronically printed statement (should you use a credit card) following your payment at the conclusion of your visit with us.

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